Land's End Adagio                          X              Hillcrests Silkscreen
(*Carolinas Red Fox, LOM X *Llanarth Rhapsody, LOM)      Gayfields Vida Blue X Hillcrests Portrait)

This is a proven cross between two extremely successful hunter pony bloodlines. Section B foal due in May to mature a good sized medium.  Full sibling to Quicksilver Blues and Quicksilver Cabaret.  

 2011 was a colt year for us with all foals being boys!  We are very pleased with the quality of our colts and all three of them are for sale to good show homes. As always, our mares and stallions have outstanding proven pedigrees and we believe their indivual qualities greatly complement each other in the resulting foals. If you have a special request for a "custom" foal out of one of our mares sired by one of our stallions, please let us know.
             Land's End Adagio                     X                     *Boston Blodwyn
(*Carolinas Red Fox, LOM X *Llanarth Rhapsody, LOM)    (Varndell Right Royal X Downland Emmerline)

Section B foal to arrive in March.  To mature top of the line medium. Sire is a proven producer of winning ponies.  Dam is the only daughter of Varndell Right Royal in the USA.  Foal will have an outstanding pedigree of all imported bloodlines.   For Sale $ 3000
            Barkmeadow Gold Mine                   X                  *Pendock Hickory
   (*Pendock Prospector X *Boston Blodwyn)                         (Lindisfarne Guardsman X Pendock Ebony)

This is the first foal for Gold Mine and we are very pleased!!  This will be a top of the line medium with outstanding conformation, movement and pedigree.
Big chestnut roan with blonde mane and tail colt born March 24, 2011. to mature at approximately 13.2hh.  For sale to a proven show home! Royal here to see it.
Lovely colt born on May 20, 2011. Outstanding hunter pony pedigree and great movement already. For sale to a proven breeding farm or show home! To mature to approximately  12.2hh.
Outstanding black sabino colt born June 19, 2011.  To mature  13.2hh.