Our 2008 Foals

  Each of these foals has our requisite proven hunter pony pedigree and will be a registered Section B Welsh. All of these foals should mature to good sized mediums.  These foals have some of the best pedigrees available in the pony hunter world today. Please call or write for more information.

Quicksilver Happenstance 
*Pennwood Gwr Bonheddig  X  Tide Creek Jack Q Lynn
Section B colt born March 24, 2008

Land's End Adagio  X  Benlea Minuet
Section B filly born May 3, 2008
Quicksilver Blues
Land's End Adagio  X  Hillcrest's Silkscreen
Section B filly born April 15,  2008
Quicksilver Ballad
Land's End Adagio  X  Beaumaris Fantasia
Section B filly born May 12, 2008
Jackie foaled a beautiful buckskin colt (turning grey) on March 24.  He is a big boy with lovely conformation, an elegant neck and a great personality!  We can't wait to watch him grow - he should really be able to move!  "Quicksilver Happenstance" for sale - please see our sales page for more information.
Silk foaled a beautiful bay filly on April 15.  With her looks and pedigree, she will be a top Welsh and hunter prospect. She will turn grey and should be a nice sized medium pony. 

New photos taken May 11, 2008

New photos taken May 11, 2008.
Minuet foaled a beautiful chestnut filly on May 3, 2008. This filly should finish a top of the line medium and will turn grey. We just love her face! Quicksilver Bells has been retained.
Fancy foaled a huge chestnut filly with 4 socks and a nice blaze on May 12, 2008. She will be a top of the line medium and should have the movement and looks to carry her to the top. This filly will also turn grey. Quicksilver Ballad has been sold!
Congratulations to Sue Shotwell and Covenant Ponies of Madison, VA!  
Quicksilver Bells